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  • PC Standard - Orb of Fusing

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  • FFXIV: Teleportation Fees Are Increasing Along With The Arrival Of Endwalker

    FFXIV: Teleportation Fees Are Increasing Along With The Arrival Of Endwalker

    Endwalker will arrive in November, and FFXIV will also introduce a change, which is also not very popular. It means that the cap for teleportation will be lifted. In the current FFXIV, you only need to pay up to 999 FFXIV Gil to quickly reach any destination.

    FFXIV includes many quests, one of which is to travel across the continent, just have a few dialogues with the NPC, and then return to the original position. One of the reasons for A Realm Reborn to rework the quest is to simplify the game and delete many quests. You can use teleport action to quickly go to locations including an Aetheryte ticket, such as through referring a friend to the games, which reduces the hassle of paying for fast travel. You can also set a destination and use the Return command to return for free, although it has a long recharge timer.

    It is not only the real housing market of FFXIV that is facing trouble but also the fast travel system. In the recent FFXIV Live Letter event, the producer also revealed new information about the changes to the game teleportation system. FFXIV will cancel the fast travel price cap, which means that they will exceed 999 Gil. The exact price depends on the distance traveled.

    It's not just the teleportation cost of FFXIV that will change, Aetheryte's fare will also change. The producer said that FFXIV will introduce a new range-restricted ticket, which is different from the existing tickets that can take you anywhere. So you need to make better use of your home point/Return commands to minimize the cost of teleporting.

    On the other hand, the UI of the fast travel menu in the cities will be changed, and the location of each Aethryte point will be displayed on the minimap, so you can know where you need to go without being familiar with the area.

    Fans still think that the price of Teleport and the change of Aetheryte tickets seem unnecessary, so before Endwalker is officially released, fans still hope that this decision will be revoked. More specific information will only be announced in November. MMOAH will always pay attention to relevant news.

    If this decision is not revoked, and everyone needs more FFXIV Gil, you can come to MMOAH to buy FFXIV Gil you need, which can help you solve many of the problems you encounter in the game.

    Sep 22, 2021

  • PSO 2 New Genesis: Sega Makes Changes To The Meseta System

    PSO 2 New Genesis: Sega Makes Changes To The Meseta System

    If you are one of the players of PSO2 New Genesis, have you always been confused about the acquisition of Meseta, thinking that this is incorrect? Then your hunch is right.

    Sega confirmed that the weekly income of players is lower than expected, so they decided to increase the quests for players to complete each week so that players can have the opportunity to get more PSO 2 Meseta, which is an interesting way.

    Another additional change Sega made was to prevent players from creating additional accounts and using them as their primary account in farming Meseta. To achieve this, they adjusted the time when the personal shop function was available to the new accounts. They also intend to impose real-time account bans on those who are found to be involved in this activity.

    In addition, the team plans to continue to monitor the situation and make timely adjustments when necessary. Before this change became available, many players could not quickly obtain PSO 2 New Genesis Meseta by completing in-game quests, so most players would choose to buy PSO 2 Meseta on MMOAH, which really helped them to immerse themselves in the game faster. 

    But now players should not worry about the fact that the gain is not proportional to the effort. They can experience more content while getting more Meseta, which will keep the player fresh in the game.

    Of course, if you want to get a lot of PSO 2 Meseta in a short time, you can still buy them from MMOAH. The staff of MMOAH is online 24/7. In order to ensure that buyers can use the live chat at any time, if you have any questions, you can just ask our staff and they will answer you in a short time. After you place the order, our staff will verify the information, and once everything goes well, they will arrange the delivery as soon as possible! If there is any problem with the order, MMOAH will also provide a refund service to minimize your loss.

    Sep 18, 2021

  • ACNH: A Player Decorate The Island With Fireflies

    ACNH: A Player Decorate The Island With Fireflies

    ACNH players came up with an interesting way to decorate their islands, inspired by Flick's fireflies model, they will glow like real insects at night.

    In ACNH, you can decorate your island without restrictions, and each season will introduce corresponding items and furniture, as well as new fish and bugs for you to collect. However, most of these contents are the recurring contents of the seasonal activities of the previous year, and did not bring freshness to the players. Although there have been rumors that ACNH will receive an update soon, there hasn't been a real update so far, so players can only give play to their creativity.

    A Reddit player found the firefly models provided by Flick, which can be obtained by catching the bug with the same name, which can glow at night. This inspired the player, so he created a field full of firefly models to light up his island. The result is an awesome display of creativity as a beautiful contrasting night sky backdrop. A meteor shower appeared on the screen, a rare event that happened randomly in the game. Players also used a custom wooden path texture to make the scene more vivid.

    Although ACNH does not have any new content, the high degree of freedom has always kept the community in close contact. You can share custom textures with others through the Able Sisters store, and then use the textures to highlight various landscapes.

    As autumn approaches, players have begun to consider how to decorate their islands to make them look more festive. You can also give full play to your creativity and make your islands full of mystery to cater to the seasonal atmosphere.

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    Sep 16, 2021

  • PSO 2 New Genesis: Autumn Event Brings New Content

    PSO 2 New Genesis: Autumn Event Brings New Content

    To celebrate the arrival of autumn, PSO 2 New Genesis is holding its second game event. The Autumn Seasonal Event is underway, and it adds more completions and gains. So you can invest in the game now to get some rewards, new items, and new content.

    Sega has announced that this event will be divided into two parts, which means that the Tasks will be changed later this month to set new goals for players. This event and the Sonic Collaboration Campaign are both the beginning of more content in New Genesis. With the approach of the Bouncer class and the arrival of the Halloween event, there will be a lot of things to do before the main story update this winter.

    Now, Xiandy is back in Central City, dressed in festive wear, and provides you with seasonal tasks to defeat the marked enemies. This time, it expands to Gigantix enemies who provide a large number of seasonal points, and Gigantix Nex Vera has appeared in the field.

    These points are the currency of the event and can be consumed in Xiandy. And she has new stickers, some new accessories and new elemental weapons for you to buy. These elemental weapons are based on ice, which is a good addition because elemental weapons are usually not found in New Genesis. After obtaining these items, you can also purchase additional items and Star Gems with points.

    A new quest

    In addition, a new mission will appear, and it may be planned to be included in the 9th-anniversary event. If you are near Central City, you may have noticed the surrounding holograms, it's small hologram shrines. You need to explore the city to find all.

    The world outside has changes

    The larger world outside has changed the trees, so you will experience a new weather effect with leaves blowing in the wind. This is also part of the celebration.

    In addition, there are a lot of new dailies and weeklies that can be completed, you will get a lot of points and PSO2 Meseta, which is great. Once the second part of the event drops, there will be new tasks available, so you can pay more attention to MMOAH, we will always follow the relevant news.

    And MMOAH also provides cheap PSO2 Meseta, as long as you need it, you can come here to buy at anytime!

    Sep 13, 2021

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